Caw-fee Anyone? Raven Gives Delivery Drone a Rough Ride

A Canberra man’s drone-delivery coffees have been getting a rough ride lately, thanks to some ravens who’ve begun attacking them.

Benjamin Anthony Roberts, of the Canberra suburb of Harrison, captured this footage outside of his home on September 21 as a raven went on the offensive.

The clip shows the bird swoop down on and peck at a Wing-operated drone.

Speaking to Storyful, Roberts said he’d identified the angry birds was ravens, and that it wasn’t the first time he’d witnessed them attacking drones. He told the Canberra Times the clever birds had even learned to avoid the drone’s blades.

Wing’s automated drones can reach speeds of up to 64.9 miles per hour and can cover a distance of around 12 miles, according to the company’s website. Credit: Benjamin Anthony Roberts via Storyful

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