CCLEX vista points already on drawing table

MOTORISTS wanting to take photographs in the iconic Cebu-Cordova Link Expressway (CCLEX) will soon have better and safe picture-taking areas before the year ends.

Engr. Allan Alfon, president and general manager of the CCLEX Corporation, said in a news forum Tuesday, July 12, 2022, that the proposed "bisita center" or vista points will be realized this year.

"It is already on the drawing table for the possible location of the bisita centers... A nice platform where good photo angles can be taken towards Cebu City and Cordova," said Alfon.

Alfon acknowledged that there are still motorists who would intentionally stop in the expressway's emergency parking just to take photographs.

This is not allowed since it could be dangerous for the motorists but Alfon said they are not apprehending these violators, as they still try "to strike a balance between enforcement and public relations."

Alfon also mentioned that the opening of the Pilipog-Gabi Coastal Road project in Cordova Town before the end of the month will improve the traffic situation in certain choke points at the exit of CCLEX. (IRT)