CCM to make announcement regarding T-ARA

CCM to make announcement regarding T-ARA

1 Aug – T-ARA's agency, Core Contents Media recently revealed that they will be releasing an official statement regarding the group.

Koreaboo website reported that the agency made the announcement through official media that CEO Kim Kwang-soo – currently in Japan, who would make a big announcement right after he comes back.

However, CCM did not reveal any specific reasons for the official statement although the news of the impending announcement comes just hours after several controversial Tweets regarding Hwa-young's recent ankle injury were published by other T-ara members.

Earlier, it was reported that T-ARA member, Hwa-young's injury prevented her from performing with the group at their concert as well as for their "Day By Day" promotions. The singer then delivered an apology to her fellow group members while speaking to reporters about her inability to perform due to her injury.

However, Kpopstarz website reported that on 27 July, former T-ARA leader Eun-jung posted on her Twitter, saying that "As a position could make a person, will and determination could make someone too. What a pity, you should always be able to take care of the people around you". On the same day, Ji-yeon wrote, "It's all about the will, always be humble, I give you applause for your acting". Members Hyo-min, So-yeon and Bo-ram also wrote similar Twitter statuses.

Meanwhile, Hwa-young wrote on her own Twitter, "Sometimes even with determination it's too much. Situations like these hurt me but I believe it's a good will of God with good meanings behind it. You know everything, right, God?" The speculations became more intense when Hwa-young's twin sister, 5dolls' Hyo-young also wrote, "My other half is having a hard time, no matter what others say, you could do this" and "If your face is pretty, your heart should be pretty. Is a sick person not a person? Ah it hurts me too, I want to cry. I better just go practice."

The Tweets of T-ARA members are deleted now, but not without making its damage and rising speculations about bullying in the group.