CCPO: Violators are seniors, minors

SENIOR citizens and minors continue to be among the violators of the 24-hour curfew imposed by the Cebu City Government to protect the public from the coronavirus disease (Covid-19).

Personnel from the Cebu City Police Office (CCPO) apprehended 122 juvenile delinquents and advised 69 senior citizens to return home for defying the City’s 24-hour curfew on Wednesday night, March 25, 2020.

In addition, 30 people aged 30 and above who were out to buy from neighborhood stores during the curfew were warned by police to return home. Police arrested three other curfew violators.

Police Col. Hector Grijaldo, CCPO acting director, said that after apprehending them, the minors caught in their operations were brought to their homes.

“As to the senior citizens, considering their advanced age, we decided to provide compassionate consideration and warned them and even escorted them to their homes,” Grijaldo added.

Meanwhile, police manning regular quarantine control points also issued nine drivers with temporary operator permits while 107 others were issued citation tickets, including four drivers who were apprehended. Also, 11 vehicles were impounded after their drivers were found to have no registration, while two persons were arrested for violating the social distancing policy.

Grijaldo added that they will be stricter in health checkpoints to remind motorists that the Covid-19 is a serious threat and everyone should comply with the restrictions to prevent the spread of the disease. He warned that repeat violators may face jail time. (AYB / MMC)