CCPO wants Cebu City Gov’t to require transients to secure barangay clearance

BEFORE they can move in to a boarding house or an apartment or a house, transients in Cebu City should first secure a clearance from the barangay.

At least, that’s what the Cebu City Police Office (CCPO) is suggesting to the City Council through Councilor Philip Zafra, peace and order committee chairman.

“If they cannot provide records, they shouldn’t be allowed to rent or move in,” Lieutenant Colonel Wilbert Parilla, deputy director for administration of the CCPO, said in Cebuano.

Parilla said this will not only help the police but also barangays monitor newcomers.

“That way all residents, including students and workers, can be accounted for and we will also know how many actually reside in a particular barangay,” he said in Cebuano.

He said some barangays have already passed an ordinance to this effect.

While waiting for the City Council to pass a similar ordinance, Parilla said the CCPO will direct the chiefs of the city’s 13 police stations to start coordinating with barangays in their jurisdictions.

“That way there will be monitoring, especially now that we have police personnel who accompany barangay tanods during patrols,” he said in Cebuano.

He pointed out that when police arrested three suspects inside a subdivision in Barangay Bacayan and seized millions worth of shabu, neighbors were surprised and shocked, including the barangay councilor who was present during the anti-illegal drugs operation.

Parilla said the barangay clearance requirement will limit the movement of persons involved in the illegal drug business.

They can’t just move from one barangay to the next to elude authorities, he said. (BBT, AYB)