CCPO warns public vs people who introduce themselves as cops

THE Cebu City Police Office (CCPO) warned the public not to allow persons who introduce themselves as policemen enter their homes without a search warrant.

CCPO Chief Police Colonel Ireneo Dalogdog said entering the homes of the target of their anti-illegal drug operation, which has been done in coordination with the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency in Central Visayas (PDEA 7), without a search warrant is strictly prohibited.

Because of this, the CCPO chief urged the public that if they meet people who pretend to be policemen and try to enter their house, they should ask them to show their search warrant from the court and if possible, they should take pictures and video of the persons involved and call the nearest police station for assistance.

The issue cropped up after a resident of Barangay Quiot, Cebu City posted on social media that there were persons who introduced themselves as policemen and forced their way into the room of their house and searched their belongings as if they were looking for illegal drugs.

But when the men left, they noticed that their cellphone was already gone.

Dalogdog said these people used to belong to the PNP organization but were dismissed from service and with them are also former assets. (AYB, TPT)