Cebooze: Bringing the party to you

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ARE you ready for some lit, drunk nights?

Though holding big parties is not allowed yet, who says you can’t have a good time with your family and friends as long as you’re following the health protocols set in place? Limit your party guests. Observe social distancing. Strictly no sharing of glasses.

Cebooze, an alcoholic beverage retailer, delivers your choice of alcohol right to your doorstep because it promises to bring the party to you.

It was launched last July 2019.Owners Cary Cabral, Veronica Chiongbian and Anton Olan, who are avid drinkers—the type of people who go out to drink with friends at bars and parties almost every weekend—decided to open an alcohol delivery service after Anton, the general manager, had a crazy idea.

One night when he was drinking with his friends, he left to buy more drinks and when he got back, everyone was already drop-dead drunk and sleeping. He thought, what if he never had to leave the party and miss out on a lot of things? What if there was some way that the booze could be delivered instead to parties, gatherings, or any type of drinking session?

“We wanted to bring the party to them instead, to their most comfortable place: their homes. With Cebooze, we envision a Cebu where the party can be anywhere you want it to be with us. In the future, we hope to expand that vision outside of Cebu,” shared Veronica.

Cebooze has a wide variety of liquor, including the local brand Drunk Barista, and even some cocktails that they procured from their partnership with Cebu’s hottest bar, Trademark Cebu.

The alcohol delivery service brand lives up to its promise of bringing the party to its clients amid the pandemic as it hosts virtual events—as of now— such as a Zoom party in partnership with Trademark Cebu, Hennessy and Brookies.

Cary, Anton and Veronica gave some pro drinking hacks for your next drinking session:

Cary: Please try to keep a garbage bag next to you if you’re planning to go hard at home. Only God knows how many times I’ve cleaned up the acidic present my brother shows me in the bathroom the day after.

Anton: To quickly chill your booze or mixer, put a wet paper towel around them and put them in the chiller.

Veronica: Plan ahead and know your limit. Respect people who choose not to drink.

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