Cebu archbishop’s name being used to solicit money

THE Archdiocese of Cebu is warning the faithful against entertaining a certain group reportedly using the name of Archbishop Jose Palma to solicit donations.

Fr. Andrei Ventanilla, Palma’s secretary, said they were surprised after they received messages from concerned individuals about the group’s activities and how they were using Palma’s name to secure funds.

Ventanilla said the group reportedly used Palma’s name to ask for donations for the construction of a tabernacle in an undisclosed parish.

Ventanilla urged the faithful to be vigilant against this group’s illegal activities.

“If they have something or naa man gani sila madunggan nga ingon ana in the future, so it would be safe to ask first the archbishop’s residence kung tinuod ba gyud na siya,” he said.

He also urged those using the archbishop’s name for illegal means to stop what they are doing.

This was not the first time that Archbishop Palma’s name was used to collect donations.

In October 2019, an unidentified group using the email address “” used Palma’s name to solicit funds for the celebration of the 500th year of Christianity in the Philippines.

The archdiocese quickly issued a statement denying that they sent the solicitation letter.

“We do not ask and never solicit funds from different institutions without the prior knowledge, formal consent, and definite authorization from the archbishop himself,” the archdiocese’s statement said. (JCT)