Cebu-based cement factory bans disposable plastic in its facilities

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A CEMENT factory in San Fernando, southern Cebu has banned disposable plastic packaging materials from its premises.

The decision of Taiheiyo Cement Philippines Inc. (TCPI) was adopted both at its plant site in San Fernando town and at its office in Cebu City, said Dwight P. Avila, acting deputy manager of the Environment and Safety Division (ESD) of the company, in a press release.

This developed as plant manager Tatsushi Sasao instructed members of the company's central safety, environment and health committee to strengthen the implementation of the 3 R's: reuse, reduce and recycle.

“Let us help the national government in its thrust to curb the plastic pollution crisis in the country,” he told the team.

He cited a mere plastic sando bag as an example. It is so light in weight that it can travel long distances by wind and water, he said.

“Plastics litter our landscape, float around in waterways and can eventually make their way into the sea and harm marine and even human life,” he said.

For his part, Avila said the company anticipated the increase in volume of solid waste, especially disposable plastic, at the plant site after the full realization of the company's Reborn project.

Thus, it rolled out the “No Single Use Plastic Policy” that is also in line with TCPI’s commitment under its ISO 14001-certified Environmental Management System, which is to restore, protect and enhance environmental quality (air, water and land) through responsible pollution control program and policies.

The company implemented the policy in phases, first only two days a week during weekdays in May 2021, then Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays by June and July, then every day by August, and has since been consistent with employees having adopted the practice as a habit.

The ESD continuously promoted the policy and the use of TCPI eco-bags in every department, including outsourced workers, to increase awareness and ensure it becomes a regular practice among employees.

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