Cebu IT-BPM Organization organizes annual 2022 Transformation Summit

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THE 2022 Transformation Summit is organized by the Cebu IT-BPM Organization (CIB.O). The summit is a signature industry event organized annually by the industry association.

CIB.O is composed of key players and stakeholders who bonded together to sustain growth of the region’s IT-BPM sector.

Cebu’s annual IT-BPM event welcomes leaders, experts, industry players and stakeholders who are tasked with setting the direction of the IT-BPM industry in a volatile but promising business environment.

In the upcoming three-day virtual summit, experts will discuss updates such as Digitalization, Business Transformation, the Philippine economy beyond the pandemic, and the future prospects of the region’s software industry among others.

The world is now transitioning beyond the pandemic. Everyone has learned their lessons too after a super-typhoon hit Cebu towards the end of 2021. How can society stay ahead of the transformation? What can it do differently? And how can it better collaborate?

Join CIB.O at the summit and be part of Cebu’s Next Level Play.

Register for free at Visit the website for more details: SPONSORED CONTENT.

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