Cebu City breaks ground for new Freedom Park

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THE Cebu City Government and private developers are keen on restoring the century-old Freedom Park to its original state as modernization has started in the Carbon Public Market.

Mayor Michael Rama and executives of the Megawide Construction Corp. (MCC) led the ceremonial groundbreaking for the development of the park Thursday, September 8, 2022.

Located on Magallanes St. and near the Carbon Public Market, Freedom Park used to be an open space for Cebuanos to enjoy or an area for demonstrations or protests.

The park also became a venue for presidential candidates to hold their campaign rallies in the 1950s and 1960s, thus getting the word “freedom” in its name.

During the martial law period in the 1970s, when rallies and protests were banned, the park transformed into a market for flower shops and other products.

Now, with the joint-venture agreement of the MCC and Cebu City Government for the Carbon Market Modernization, the Freedom Park will be brought back to its original purpose.

Rama said transforming Freedom Park into what it is before is part of the Singapore-like Cebu City vision of his administration.

“We need to bring back the foundation, we deserve order and authority being observed and we should have a beautiful environment including everything about human existence,” said Rama.

Cebu2World president Louie Ferrer said the park will be opened in October 2022 and will feature a tall obelisk in the center. (IRT)