Cebu City, CNU to hold anti-dengue congress

TO ADDRESS local and global issues on dengue and mosquitoes, update strategies and determine innovative solutions to the problem, the Cebu City Government, in collaboration with Cebu Normal University (CNU), will hold the first Congress on Dengue Awareness and Mosquito Control.

The event carries the theme “Dengue Awareness and Mosquito Control: Enabling Innovations for Sustainable Development.” It will be on Friday, Nov. 15, 2019 on the seventh floor of the CNU Teaching Arts Centrum (TAC) building.

Around 150 participants are expected to participate in this Congress—barangay captains from 80 barangays in Cebu City, chairperson and members of the Committee on Health, medical directors and chiefs of different private and government hospitals in Cebu City, Department of Education Cebu City Division, Cebu Provincial Health Office, and selected faculty members of the CNU Academic Council.

The specific objectives of the Congress are: (1) collaborate and co-optimize effective dengue awareness and mosquito control programs in order to limit global rise of dengue and other diseases associated with it; (2) embark on proactive studies to improve the health of people in the local setting experiencing the adverse effects of dengue diseases; and (3) serve as a hub, together with CNU and other government and non-government agencies, in pursuing an enabling environment of change geared toward mitigating the risks associated with dengue.

The congress is convened through the efforts of Cebu City Vice Mayor Michael L. Rama, who will also be the Keynote Speaker during the program.

Three plenary speakers are going to share their knowledge—CNU Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, Dr. Milagros M. Greif, who will talk about “Mosquitoes: The Cause of Dengue;” Department of Health 7 Director, Dr. Jaime S. Bernadas, who will share about the “Present Dengue Situation in Central Visayas;” and Cebu City Health Officer, Dr. Daisy S. Villa, who will discuss about the “Present Dengue Situation in Cebu City.”

With the congress, both the Cebu City Government and CNU, together with the stakeholders, aim to strengthen affordable and sustainable control measures and clinical management of dengue.

The Cebu City Government, in participation of CNU, is planning to pass an Anti-dengue and Mosquito Control Ordinance, in the pursuit of ensuring the health of the Cebuanos.