Cebu City conducts training course for bike patrol deputies

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THE Cebu City Government conducted a Bike Patrol Deputation Training Course for the deputies who will ensure the implementation and public education of the policies under City Ordinance (CO) 2408 or The Sugbo Bike Lanes Ordinance.

The training course was held from April 26-29, 2021 at the Carbon Market building.

It was led by representatives from the Cebu City Transportation Office (CCTO), Base Camp Emergency Response Team, and Sugbo Bike Lanes Board.

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Based on CO 2408 that was passed in 2014, CCTO is responsible for the “strict implementation of this ordinance, including the establishment of bike racks or bike parking.”

“Bike patrols shall be set up to regularly monitor and maintain order in the Sugbo Bike Lanes and shall apprehend persons violating this ordinance,” CO 2408 stated.

Violations include obstructing the Sugbo Bike Lanes, such as sidewalk vending, dumping of construction materials, and loading and unloading of goods; biking under the influence of alcohol and prohibited substances; using ill-equipped bikes, such as lack of proper brakes, lights, reflectors, and safety gear; biking while clinging to another vehicle; and doing exhibitions and stunts on the lanes. (NRC/With PR)