Cebu City garbage hauler ordered to explain ‘failures’

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ACTING Cebu City Mayor Michael Rama has ordered the management of Docast Construction and General Supply to explain its failure to follow the conditions stated in the contract it had entered with the City on Feb. 16, 2021.

The memorandum to explain issued by Rama states that according to Purchase Order No. 080, the construction firm must fulfill these conditions: Convert an hectare of land in Cebu City into a motor pool; construct a sanitary landfill within the city with an environmental compliance certificate (ECC); build transfer stations in north and south districts with an ECC; put up a waste-to-energy facility with ECC; set up a weighbridge; deploy 50 garbage trucks; attache a global positioning system to a hauling equipment equipped with audio controller; and use a bulldozer, payloader and an excavator.

The show cause order of Rama states that during an inspection at the transfer station in Inayawan, the company failed to follow the contract.

Based on the show cause order, there is only one transfer station, the one in Inayawan, a barangay in the south district. The transfer station is reportedly not owned by Docast Construction and it is below the standard.

The north district has no transfer station, a temporary garbage dumping area.

Docast Construction reportedly has only 13 garbage trucks. It also reportedly failed to pay the P18 million it owes to the landfill owned by ARN Central Waste Management, and it has a remaining balance of more than P1 million in 2020.

Rama has given 48 hours to the proprietor of Docast Construction to submit a notarized reply to the City.

“Failure on your part to comply with this directive shall be deemed a waiver, hence, the Cebu City Government shall resolve the issue based upon the merits on record,” read a portion of Rama’s show cause order.

The landfill in Barangay Binaliw, Cebu City no longer accepts garbage from Docast Construction, the hauler of Cebu City’s garbage, because of the alleged millions it failed to pay.

Docast Construction has been given 10 days by ARN Central Waste Management to settle its dues. The deadline will end next week. (PAC)