Cebu City Gov’t to install more ‘garbage traps’ along waterways

THE Cebu City Government wants to install more garbage traps in rivers as a measure to lessen the amount of trash in the city’s waterways.

Arlie Gesta, head of the Cebu City Environment and Natural Resources Office (CCENRO), told SunStar Cebu Tuesday, Jan. 3, 2023, that there are currently 16 “bio-fences” that collect garbage in the river by confining them in a piece of net-type equipment.

Gesta said the garbage traps are installed in the city’s major waterways, namely Butuanon River, Mahiga Creek, Lahug River, Parian Creek, Guadalupe River, Kinalumsan River, and Bulacao River.

He added that another 10 units of the bio-fence will be installed in different waterways in the coming days.

Last Dec. 29, personnel from the CCENRO were able to collect three truckloads or 20 tons of garbage trapped in the bio-fences.

Gesta said 80 percent of the waste collected were plastic bottles and other household waste, while the remaining 20 percent were debris brought by heavy rains.

According to Gesta, the bio-fence is manufactured by the CCENRO itself and its composition includes plastic bottles collected at the Plaza Independencia.

The plastic bottles are used to keep the net afloat in the water and it will be tied at both sides of the river using a high-durable rope, he added.

Gesta further said that their office intends to install a bio-fence in every sitio of barangays that have rivers to monitor which community contributes more waste.

This will also serve as their guide to pinpoint what area should be prioritized in their education and information campaign.

Gesta added that they are now working out the possibility of installing a bio-fence that will act as “the last line of defense” to prevent the waste from entering the ocean.

The CCENRO has already tried installing one at the mouth of the Tejero-Camputhaw-Lahug River located at the port area, but the rope was allegedly stolen by residents living in the vicinity.