Cebu City market division debunks claim of some stall owners

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CEBU City Market Operations Division (MOD) chief Irvin Cabales clarified that the certificate of recognition the City Government and the Megawide Construction Corp. distributed to stall owners at Carbon Public Market does not expire after three years, opposite to what some of the stall owners believed.

"Katong Certificate of Recognition will be used to secure sa stall, recognizing you as a legitimate vendor," Cabales said.

"Ma-expire na siya kung di na ka maninda," he added.

Cabales met with City Councilor Jessica Resch in Carbon Public Market on Thursday morning, September 23, 2021, to resolve an issue raised by a certain Geraldine Antivo, 36, who has been a stall owner in Carbon for 12 years.

Antivo said he believed that the certificate of recognition would mean that they can only use the would-be stalls, under the Carbon redevopment program, for three years.

He also said he did not receive a notice on the clearing operations that was made last September 12 and that he lost some of his belongings when the clearing operations was carried out that day.

Irvin, for his part, said the date September 12 was agreed as well by the vendors after they consulted them on what day the vendors are usually not busy.

He said the clearing operations started on September 12 was not a demolition, but a part of the process to proceed with the construction, while they ensure that the vendors are transferred to another place so as not to hamper their daily operations.

He also explained that what was mentioned of three years was that there will be no increase in rental fee for three years and if there would be, it should be discussed in the City Council.

Cabales also clarified that it is not true that three vendors will alternately use a stall per day.

"Sa pagkakaron, status quo ta. Meaning, ug unsay ilang status karon, maoy ihatag nila," he said.

Resch then asked the MOD to solve the apparent problem on lack of proper communication between the vendors and the City.

She then said she will bank on the statement of Cabales securing current stall owners of their new spots once the Carbon redevelopment program is done.

"Dapat sensitive ang City Government nga naa juy mga papeles on hand ang mga vendors. Masabtan nila ang papel nfa ilang gigunitan," she said.

Cabales said they have adjustments on the stalls to refrain vendors from also making their stalls their residence.

"Ang akong giingon, makahatag ta tanan og stalls sa vendors, pero balay, dili g'yod," he said.

He said since the area is a market area, building makeshift extensions which serve as vendor's house is illegal.

He said they have already endorsed these cases to the Land Management Board.

He also said the MOD will not demolish these illegal makeshift houses and it will now be dealt with by the City Prevention, Restoration, Order, Beautification and Enhancement team. (WBS)

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