Cebu City rejects drag race

THE proposed drag race, one of the planned Sinulog 2020 activities at the South Road Properties (SRP), was not approved by the Cebu City Legal Office as it is illegal.

City Attorney Rey Gealon said the City could not hold such activity as it is prohibited under Republic Act 4136 (the Land Transportation and Traffic Code) and Batas Pambansa 33, which outlaws drag racing and other activities such as hoarding and overpricing of petroleum products, and skydiving and water-skiing activities.

The Department of Justice issued an advisory on drag racing in August 2012 “to inform the public that drag racing is an illegal activity with corresponding punishment,” adding that “by emphasizing its illicit nature and the penalties attached to it, this Advisory seeks to discourage persons from engaging in drag racing.”

Gealon said a drag race endangers lives and properties, and it could also spark drag races in the future.

Two groups proposed to Mayor Edgardo Labella to hold a drag race on Sunday, Jan. 12, at Il Corso, a commercial complex at the SRP.

One of the groups, in its letter addressed to the mayor, said the drag race is for motorbike enthusiasts, whose goal is to prevent their fellow riders from joining illegal street races and to educate them about safe driving.

The drag race, said the group, could promote tourism in Cebu City.

Gealon, however, said “drag racing is way too risky” to the riders and spectators.

“Aside from laws prohibiting it, the likelihood of injuries, even death, is high. This is exactly the reason why the City Government cannot sponsor or sanction such activity,” he said. (JCT)