Cebu City traffic enforcers to receive high visibility clothing

THE chairman of the board of directors of the Cebu City Transportation Office (CCTO) has donated 50 articles of high visibility clothing that traffic enforcers can wear when it’s raining.

According to Rico Rey “Koko” Holganza, the clothing will protect traffic enforcers from the rain and it will make them easier to spot.

They won’t have any reason to take shelter and they can continue to do their job safely, said the former Bureau of Customs Port of Cebu district collector and former Cebu City councilor.

The purpose of a high visibility clothing is “to provide visibility of the person wearing it in low day light or in the dark when illuminated by headlights of vehicles and mechanized equipment.”

The high visibility clothing consists of a jacket and a pair of pants and is similar to what traffic enforcers in the United States wear.

It’s mainly yellow in color with a little back and it has a reflector. (PAC)