Cebu City welcomes new face shield policy

·1 min read

CEBU City Emergency Operations Center (EOC) deputy chief implementer and Councilor Joel Garganera welcomed the recent announcement of President Rodrigo Duterte regarding the use of face shields, saying that people outdoors are "not really" properly wearing their face shield.

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However, he appealed that all public utility vehicles should still require the use of face shields for commuters during travel.

"What’s more, it’s also cost-effective for everyone. And for us, it’s always been the same as before — wear your masks, observe social distancing, avoid social gatherings and crowds, and wash your hands regularly," he said.

"It’s always the basics for us, and we just also have to comply with the mandate of the national government, but in this case we appeal that all Public Utility Vehicles will continue to require face shields., because of the small enclosed space and capacity are often times violated. We just have to choose the caution side," he added. (WBS)

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