Covid-19 active cases in Cebu City fall below 1K

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CEBU City’s active Covid-19 cases are now below the 1,000 mark at 958 in total.

This is based on data provided by Cebu City’s Emergency Operations Center (EOC) on Friday, Sept. 24, 2021.

Cebu City Councilor Joel Garganera, who is the EOC’s deputy chief implementer, said of the 1,004 samples from Cebu City tested for Sars-CoV-2, the virus causing Covid-19, on Friday, only 45 yielded positive test results.

This brought the City’s daily positivity rate to about 4.48 percent, or within the five percent threshold of the World Health Organization for percent positive in Covid-19 tests performed.

“Our numbers are changing into what is acceptable. These are little victories of the people behind the scenes in fighting this pandemic. But nevertheless, the fight is not yet over. Covid is everywhere, thus, we continue to strictly implement the minimum health standard set of us,” Garganera added.

Meanwhile, as the IATF has now included Covid positive test results from rapid antigen tests performed in the counting of cases, Garganera said the EOC has been counting and including it in their data since the start of the third surge.

He said of the 958 current active cases, 13 were from positive rapid antigen and 11 from positive saliva test results.

The City’s Covid-19 critical care occupancy rate is also within the 60 percent safe zone at only 44.2 percent as of Thursday, Sept. 23.

Of the 943 Covid beds allocated by 15 hospitals located in Cebu City, only 417 were occupied.

Of the vacant Covid beds, 357 were in private hospitals in Cebu City and 169 in the city’s four public hospitals. (WBS)

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