Cebu couple celebrates wedding with 'unli-rice' and 'unli-soup'

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(Source: Rhaqueza Vicente Mosende/Facebook)
(Source: Rhaqueza Vicente Mosende/Facebook)

A newlywed couple in Cebu proved that their love is more important than any lavish celebration after they chose to have their reception at a fast food restaurant serving chicken with "unli-rice" and "unli-soup" (unlimited rice and soup), spending only a little over P3,000 ($60) for the party.

After exchanging their vows at church, the viral newlyweds Rhaqueza and Rian Baynosa proceeded to the fast food restaurant with their guests.

Limited lang 'yung mga tao na in-invite namin, mga 15 persons lang, hindi masyadong malaki 'yung binabayaran namin,” the bride said. 

(We only invited a few people, only about 15, we didn't pay too much.)

Wearing her white wedding gown, Rhaqueza ordered their meals at the counter.

(Source: Rhaqueza Vicente Mosende/Facebook)
(Source: Rhaqueza Vicente Mosende/Facebook)

Gumastos lang kami ng P3,044 good for 15 persons lang,” said Rhaqueza. 

(We only spent P3,044 good for 15 persons only.)

Aside from the chicken with "unli" rice, they also added halo-halo for their guests as well.

"Since pregnant na ako for eight months, decided talaga kami noon na pinili talaga namin sa fastfood na lang kasi mas tipid,” said Rhaqueza. 

(Since I'm eight months pregnant, we decided to have it a fast food restaurant since it’s more practical.)

They did their wedding traditions such as the money dance and the opening of gifts at the restaurant, too.

Among the gifts they received was a pot full of rice and a chamberpot

After almost a month, Rhaqueza gave birth to her son Rian.

Para sa amin hindi na namin ikasal pa nang bongga, at least lang kasal kami,” Rhaqueza said. 

(For us, while we didn’t get married in a fancy ceremony, at least we got married

Gusto ko na lagi kaming masaya, lagi kaming magkasama,” Rian said. 

(I just want us to always be happy, always be together).

Rian shared photos of their dates at the fast food restaurant on his Facebook. "Unlirice with Unlilove," he captioned.

(Source: Rian Baynosa/Facebook)
(Source: Rian Baynosa/Facebook)

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