Cebu Ocean Park to reopen on Nov. 5

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AFTER temporarily closing its facility to guests since April at the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, the management of Cebu Ocean Park has decided to reopen its attraction on Nov. 5.

“We are thrilled to welcome our guests back,” said Hitesh Sampat, general manager of Cebu Ocean Park.

According to the Cebu Ocean Park, guests will have the opportunity to once again experience the wonders of wildlife with their families, stroll among diverse habitats, take part in fun, educational activities and visit the park’s newest residents—baby bearded dragons and moray eels—which were born during the lockdown.

“At Cebu Ocean Park, we provide a safe and educational experience made for all ages, where they can learn about the magic of animal life,” said Andrea Bruno, the park’s operations manager.

“It might feel different from past visits but I‘m confident that our Cebu Ocean Park family—guests and staff—will help us make ‘different’ feel awesome,” she added.

Cebu Ocean Park will limit visitor capacity and implement health and safety measures recommended by the government’s Covid-19 task force and local officials to provide a safe environment for humans and animals alike.

The park’s safety measures include the mandatory safe distancing protocol, contact tracing application, mandatory check in and out of guests, temperature screenings, presence of sanitizing stations, regular disinfection and mandatory face masks for staff and guests.

“As Cebu Ocean Park reopens to guests, it’s true that we will be faced with a new normal,” said Bruno. “But, with this, we will be able to showcase our strength, resilience and dedication to the community. Welcome back!”

The park will open weekly from Thursday to Sunday at 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. / PR