Cebu police: ‘Kidnapping of child’ in Alegria not true

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THE Cebu Police Provincial Office (CCPO) has denied the alleged “kidnapping attempt” on a child in Alegria, Cebu by a man driving a brown van, saying it was not true.

Police Colonel Engelbert Soriano, director of CPPO, said they were able to identify the owner of the van, as well as its driver, who denied that he tried to kidnap the child.

He said the vehicle involved was a tourist van and was in southern Cebu to transport a guest.

Soriano said the driver admitted that he was looking for some passengers bound for Cebu City to be able to earn money as fuel prices are high.

On his way to Cebu City, the driver passed by a student waiting for a ride in Alegria town. He said he might have frightened the child, as she ran fast after asking her if she was going to Cebu City.

Reports about the kidnapping attempt went viral on social media after a Facebook page posted about it.

“Naa na pud nahitabo nga kidnapping sa South, ganina lang jud daw sayo sa buntag. Maayo gani kay nilugnot ang bata. Sa atoang mga ginikanan, atoa intaw'ng sigurohon ang safety sa mga bata kay naa na pud ni'ng mga van nga manguhaay og bata. Sayo daw ni sa buntag nahitabo, pag padung sa skuylahan sa bata. Brown ang color sa van, padung sa shudad,” stated the page Pitik sa SK.

(The kidnapping in the South is back, with the latest incident happening just this morning. Good thing that child resisted. To parents, make sure the safety of your children because this kidnapping of children involving a van is back. The incident reportedly happened early in the morning while the student was on her way to school. The van is colored brown, bound for Cebu City.)

The post has garnered 4,600 shares and 258 comments as of 1 p.m. Friday, June 3, 2022.

But Soriano said there was no attempt to kidnap the student.

“Ang result ng initial investigation namin and our interview with the driver, walang ganung insidente ng kidnapping,” he said.

(Based on our initial investigation and interview with the driver, there was no kidnapping incident.)

Soriano said he could not blame the student, though, as her elder sister had also experienced being asked to take a ride by a motorcycle rider whom she did not know.

He said the police have also looked into the elder sister’s claim to identify the motorcycle rider.

“May nakuha kami na may previous history, itong magkapatid, itong alleged na minor at saka kapatid nyang isa na previously daw meron silang experience na hinintoan din sila sa highway ng isang naka motor, ay natakot din sila,” Soriano said.

(We were also told about the elder sister’s previous experience and she was also frightened.)

Soriano appealed to the public to verify first similar reports before announcing them on social media so as not to create panic.

He said any kidnapping or similar incidents can be reported to police stations in local government units to address them immediately and identify the persons involved.

The police chief assured, though, that they will still conduct an investigation on the alleged kidnapping attempts in Alegria to ensure the security of the people in Cebu. (AYB/LMY)

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