Cebu record label rebrands as music group

Luis A. Quibranza III
·2 min read

RESPONSIBLE for providing Cebu City with plenty of its much-loved locally crafted tunes, record label 22 Tango Records announced its rebranding last month: The company now refers to itself as 22 Tango Music Group.

22 Tango Music Group is a multi-faceted music company which includes services like music distribution and publishing, artist management, events, recording arts and production, and music education.

“We’ve always been focused on growth both for the music industry and our company. So when the company was about to celebrate its 10 years in the business in 2020, we thought it was a good time to make the expansion official by changing the brand name and to officially register as a corporation,” said 22 Tango Music Group chief executive officer and co-founder Cattski Espina.

The grand announcement was held on Feb. 22 with a virtual concert featuring some of the group’s artists under its two new labels: Queen City Records and Grit Music. The artists who delivered full-band performances from Room Eleven Recording Studio were Wonggoys, Vincent Eco, Bethany and Lourdes. New artists Jericho Streegan and Julia Quijano serenaded fans with their soothing musical performances.

With the help of White Brick Creative Studio, 22 Tango Music Group shaped its new brand around the tagline “Music That Moves.”

“It comes from the idea that music can move people emotionally and bring people together as in a movement,” said the company through a statement.

“22 Tango Music Group sees an opportunity to cultivate its current business model for further growth as a community and a legitimate industry. This move towards growth is its way of participating and contributing to the city’s local economy. Its aim is commercial accomplishment—for musicians and those who work in the music community to have a decent earning and make a living out of what they love to do,” the statement added.

To mark the milestone, a single was released on March 5 entitled “Move Love,” written by Cattski and performed by her with Lourdes, Vincent Eco, Wonggoys, Alice Who and Jericho Streegan.

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