Cebu registers highest dengue cases in Central Visayas

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CEBU has the highest number of dengue cases among the four provinces and three highly urbanized cities in Central Visayas from January 1 to August 6, 2022.

The Central Visayas Center for Health Development Communications Management Unit has recorded a total of 11,475 dengue cases and 72 deaths during the said period.

Of the total number of dengue cases, 4,430 came from Cebu province, 2,062 from Cebu City, 1,244 from Lapu-Lapu City, 621 from Mandaue City, 1,759 from Bohol, 1,197 from Negros Oriental, and 90 from Siquijor.

Dr. Eugenia Mercedes Cañal, cluster head from the Regional Epedemiology and Surveilance Unit (Resu), stated in her report that Cebu province had the most number of dengue deaths with 27, followed by Cebu City with 25, Lapu-Lapu City with 10, Negros Oriental with six, and Mandaue City with four.

No fatalities, however, were recorded in Bohol and Siquijor. (PAC, TPT)