Cebuana dean bags Biotech award

EDUCATOR Milagros Greif from Liloan, Cebu was awarded as one of the nine outstanding personalities during the fourth Filipino Faces of Biotechnology Awards held on Nov. 26, 2019 in Quezon City.

Greif, a doctor of philosophy, is the current dean of the Cebu Normal University’s College of Arts and Sciences.

She was the only awardee outside the National Capital Region and Region 4.

Department of Agriculture director-coordinator Dionisio Alvindia said the Faces of Biotechnology Award is given to outstanding Filipino individuals who have played a significant role in the advancement of biotechnology in the country.

Greif was specifically awarded as an outstanding researcher on urban pest control through biotechnology.

She has been working in the field of mosquito control for more than 15 years now. She finished her masters in Biology, specializing in the study of insects.

Greif also had her doctorate studies on mosquitoes at the University of Heidelberg, Germany as a scholar of the German Academic Exchange Services.

After finishing her doctoral degree, she worked at the biological control of mosquitoes in Germany. She used bacteria in killing mosquitoes without the use of chemicals that would disrupt biodiversity.

She then replicated in the Philippines what she had learned in Germany. She modified her technique to adapt it in tropical weather conditions.

Greif said biological mosquito control was applied initially in Balamban as part of her extension project.

“Mosquitoes are very interesting insects because they’re very small but the negative impact that they are bringing to humankind is very huge,” she said.

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