Cebuana homeschool teacher of Michael Jackson’s children reveals life with the King of Pop

Rachel Arandilla
·2 min read

Originally from Davao City, Aileen Medalla enjoys living a quiet life in Cebu City. Medalla considers herself a Cebuana, having spent most of her time in the Queen City.

In her book “The King of Pop and I,” Medalla finally shares her story—a humbling tale that started in the Kingdom of Bahrain as an overseas Filipino worker, who, after months of failed job interviews, received a mysterious call that led her to work for Michael Jackson.

The book provides a glimpse of the private world of the King of Pop. Medalla traveled around the world with the superstar, and his children Prince, Paris and Blanket, across the United States and to locations like the United Kingdom, France, Japan and more. Although not a celebrity herself, she has also experienced being harassed by paparazzi and hounded by journalists in her jet-setting life with the Jacksons.

Toward the artist’s final years, he had become more reclusive and selective with his peers. Medalla was one of the very few people who had unrestricted access to the one and only Michael Jackson, the most famous entertainer and best-selling music artist in the history of mankind. Medalla had gained the trust of her employer, and developed a close friendship and fondness for the children. Aside from that, Medalla had befriended many of Jackson’s most trusted staff, the security personnel, household staff, and especially Grace Rwaramba, who became her advisor and friend.

After 15 years of silence, 11 years after Jackson’s death, Medalla has finally decided to speak out after seeing the false accusations and documentaries that surfaced in the last few years.

She believed that it’s now her time to share with the world who the real Michael Jackson was, the way she knew him.

“The King of Pop and I” aims to open hearts and eyes about the true Michael Jackson. What one reads and hears about Michael Jackson may not always be true.

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