Cebuano artist Wiji Kun releases first EP

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Cebuano music producer and artist Wiji Kun recently released his debut EP entitled “Sick Of It Already.” The indie-inspired collection of songs includes previous singles “Quarantine Zone” and “Die Right Now.”

The EP’s first track “Unread” highlights “a series of recorded excerpts about dealing with struggles in the modern world and recent events,” according to Wiji Kun.

Afterward, the EP proceeds to showcase a mix of tracks that feature alternatives sounds with pop influences. Listeners will enjoy the synths, guitars and drums all meshing together to create one hook after the other.

For those who dive into the lyrical work, the artist covers introspective themes of mental conflict and a resentment of conforming to societal standards. Of course, there are moments that explore the beauty of young love.

The main track “Golden” is Wiji Kun’s love letter for pop-punk and indie rock, among other things.

“I was thinking of how tiresome it gets painting myself bronze, silver or golden. I just wanted to be whatever I am and not worry about others seeing my imperfections. Still, it’s not that easy. A lot of people say they don’t care, but I think they do. I do care about what people think of me. I do want to be liked. I wanted to be honest about that in this song.” said Wiji Kun.

The EP ends with a symphonic piece entitled “Reprise,” allowing listeners to enjoy the remaining seconds of a five-track musical journey.

“Sick Of It Already” was written, produced and recorded by Wiji Kun from his bedroom. Wiji Kun, real name Luigi Balazo, is also a musician associated with other Cebu bands like synth-pop act Sepia Times and indie rock band The Sundown.

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