Cebuano baker wows world with portraits on artisan breads

Luis A. Quibranza III
·2 min read

The pandemic has forced most people out of their comfort zones. Fortunately for some, their dedication to their craft, paired with the great social and economic pressures of today, has turned them into diamonds.

“Despite the pandemic, I became more positive and determined to bake hoping to inspire all Filipinos and Cebuanos, especially my fellow bakers, to keep going and stay strong,” said 29-year-old baker Marlo Pimentel Lidot.

Growing up in the town of Malabuyoc, Cebu, Marlo was already the artistic type. He revealed that he has been fond of sketching and drawing ever since. He pursued a Bachelor of

Science degree in Industrial Technology, Major in Food Prep at Cebu Technological University before working in a hotel.

According to Marlo, he lost his job last March 2020 at the start of the pandemic. He shared also that because of the strict travel restrictions and quarantine, he had lost his opportunity to pursue a career overseas. But in spite of this, Marlo pressed on, knowing well that good things come to those who bake.

“I was motivated to use my baking skills to make bread and sell them. Making and selling bread became the source of my daily income. To reach more customers, I posted photos of my breads online both on my personal Facebook account and my Facebook Page,” said Marlo.

Marlo’s breads, however, were not the typical kinds one spots at his neighborhood bakery. His breads, intricately baked, featured portraits of icons and personalities which range from political to the religious.

“During this process, I discovered my own craft in baking artisan breads with different image designs,” he said. “The techniques were very difficult. It’s like painting the images and designs on top of the breads.” When asked for his secret, Marlo explained that all he utilizes is “just flour” and a “ton of hard work.”

While he is just accepting online orders for now, Marlo hopes to one day grow his business. He remains optimistic about what the future holds for him.