Cebuano DOTA 2 legend, dies of leukemia

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HEINRICH Don Abad, 29, a former Dota 2 professional player who was ranked #1 in the South East Asian servers, died after a grueling two-week battle with acute monoblastic leukemia.

On Sunday, June 6, 2021. Abad's partner, Bev Sausal confirmed on a Facebook post the passing of Heinrich at 5:05 a.m. after succumbing to a heart attack.

Abad, who is commonly known as "HEINRICH" together with his team, Arcanys, took the Dota 2 community by storm in 2014 after having an undefeated run in the Dota 2 Mineski Pro Gaming League Philippines. A tournament which included the country's favorite team, Mineski.

In 2015, Abad retired as a professional gamer due to a number of factors, as he states below.

"Today, I'll be retiring as a professional gamer for the meantime to clear up my mind, reconcile with my family, pursue my studies and to prepare for my upcoming baby."

On May 12, Abad confirmed on his Facebook page that he was diagnosed with AML (Acute Monoblastic Leukemia), a type of cancer in the blood with a very low survival rate among patients 20 years and older. (NRL)

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