Cebuanos share their Best of Cebu all-time favorites

Monica R. Lopez

SUNSTAR’S Best of Cebu recently released this year’s list of winners. It’s the best the city has to offer all in one magazine. Naturally, everyone has a favorite—or five (it’s okay we don’t judge)—that made the cut. With this in mind, here are some Cebuanos sharing on what their faves are.

Balamban Liempo (Best Liempo)

“Balamban Liempo has got to be the best ‘Sorry diet, see you tomorrow’ food paired with a cold soda or a beer, and rice. It’s the best comfort food to run to when you just want to be full. Thank God, it can be bought easily around the city.” - Cielo Lofranco, HR people advisor

Orange Brutus (Best Burger Steak)

“It’s not a surprise that Orange Brutus bagged the best burger steak in Cebu. Its burger steak brings a lot of nostalgia for someone like me who was born and bred in the Queen City of the South. Until now, I consider it as my comfort food and my go-to when I am offered with different food options. Its burger steak is not a letdown and is definitely a ‘happy hormones’ activator.” - Gino Klint Jugalbot, Nurse / Photographer

Fung’s Noodle House (Best Dimsum)

“Fung’s Noodle House is definitely one of the best comfort food spots in town. Menu items like the xiao long bao, vegetable lumpia and noodles are some of my favorites in Fung’s Noodle House. This here’s a must if you’re visiting Cebu—a dining pleasure with a bit of the traditional Chinese feel. Whether hungry or you just feel like eating out somewhere, Fung’s is a go-to place.” - Christopher Leo Co, Businessman

Ikkousha Ramen (Best Ramen)

“Japan is my favorite country to go to. In fact, I’ve been there four times; once for each season—with the help of seat sales, of course. One of the reasons why I keep going back is the Japanese food—most especially the ramen. Upon tasting it for the first time, I paused in an instant, amazed and mesmerized by its flavor because of how good it was. I fell in love with the ramen! Ikkousha Ramen’s god fire level 2 (because I love to spice things up) gave me that same “love at first sip” experience I had in Japan, reminiscing how beautiful Japan is and how much I enjoyed the country. It’s truly an authentic Japanese ramen. An award well-deserved year after year.” - Jonathan Edmon A. Cimafranca, Entrepreneur

Kandaya Resort (Best Destination Resort)

“Kandaya is the best resort I have ever stayed at. It’s truly a haven with an exquisite postcard-perfect view where sea, white sand and sky meet. Everything in this resort is breathtaking. The staff is amazing, the dishes are superb and the rooms and amenities are just, wow! This is and will always will be my ultimate happy place!” - Janra Avissa Y. Gimenez, Marketing and corporate communications