Cebuanos: Share your special Covid-19 story through photos

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It has been more than a year since the World Health Organization officially declared the coronavirus pandemic on March 11, 2020. Leading into a second summer far more subdued than those of years past, the mood remains relatively somber with the thought of Covid-19 still around.

However, victory over this invisible enemy feels a lot closer this time around: The steady rollout of mass vaccinations in Cebu, business establishments strictly enforcing health and safety protocol, and Cebuanos generally adhering to all the regulations set by local government units—all these seem to point to a glorious new day in Cebu soon.

To mark this point in history, honor the heroes who have given their lives for humanity, and celebrate the unrelenting spirit of Cebuanos, the SunStar Media Group is incorporating a Covid-19 photojournalistic essay in the upcoming special edition of Cebu Yearbook 2020-2021.

We are calling on all Cebuanos to play a part in this special project.

If you have photographs that tell your own unique story of how Covid-19 has affected your life, including all the ups and the downs, you may email your photos to Please provide details of who took the photo, and when and where it was taken. Please also share a description of the photo.

The photos may involve, but not be restricted to, such themes as the panic that ensued when the pandemic unfolded; frontliners in action; the unique summer of 2020; how learning, work and leisure evolved amid the quarantine; the expressions of faith and prayer during the quarantine; nongovernment organizations or other parties involved in acts of goodwill; the despair, struggles, losses and victories amid the pandemic; how Cebuanos adapted to the new normal.

You may also choose to upload your photos on our Facebook photo album on @sunstarcebu, engaging and sharing with the rest of the Cebuano community on social media.

We look forward to your stories of hope.

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