Some Cebuanos support divorce bill

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SOME residents in Cebu City have expressed support to the divorce bills filed by some lawmakers in Congress.

Gladys Cortez, 23, said that at some point, divorce bill can help give a relationship a chance to mature.

"At some point, divorce bill helps, because when you married someone and you think you’ll end up happily but there's a time that you're not both committed to each other, nga mabastos na ninyo inyong respeto sa usag-usa, divorce helps to save what you have for your children who suffer every day by experiencing the situation," Cortez said.

Ariet Dela Cruz, 38, agreed, saying it will help protect children mentally.

"Para sa ako, favor ra ko since at some point in life, kung di na gyud madala’g resolve ang mga difficulties in your marriage, I think it's better to file a divorce kaysa na man mupuyo mog usa ka balay nga puro kasakit. You're not just saving yourselves but also your kids. They will understand in the long run," Dela Cruz said.

But Cortez said that if divorce becomes a law, she is hoping it will not destroy the essence of marriage.

"Dako’g impact ang makasal. For me, marriage is not about on paper but it's a blessing. I hope nga kung makaimplement og divorce, unta dili maguba ang essence sa kasal," she said.

Senator Robin Padilla, whose pet bills include the divorce bill, said Monday, July 11, that the divorce bill aims to protect, not destroy, Filipino families.

He said they are not against “forever,” noting that those who stayed in marriages, although the situation is no longer working for the both of them, should be given a second chance.

Ar-Ar Lumayag, 38, a hair stylist, told SunStar Cebu that he agreed with Padilla’s statement as long as the reason for having divorce is valid.

"Ako, favor ra ko sa divorce as long as na process siya in a legal way and valid siya nga reason. For example, nangaliwa ang usa sa managti-ayon. Naa gyud rason nganong mu take og divorce ang tao pero kung disidido man sila, then I hope nga mu grant ang balaod sa ilahang wish....everybody deserves a second chance," Lumayag said.

Dixther Obas, 37, said he also supports the divorce bill, but it only applies to couples who have qualified reasons and those who can avail themselves of the cost.

"Depende ra na sa rason if di na gyud ma resolba, okay ra ang divorce, pero ang kaso, ang uban ra man sad ang maka afford og file ana kay mahal man jud ang pag process ana. Para sa ako, okay ra gyud ang divorce pero dapat muhatag og mga condition usa pa mu grant ana nga balaod," Obas said.

Under Padilla’s proposed divorce measure, either the husband or wife can file a petition to dissolve their marriage under the following conditions:

* When either of the spouses has no capacity to perform the essential marital obligations of the marriage and the incapacity continues and appears to be incurable;

* When there is an existing irreconcilable marital difference;

* When a spouse obtained a divorce abroad;

* When a spouse is presumed dead under Articles 390 and 391 of the Civil Code of the Philippines;

* Upon conviction of an offense under Republic Act 9262, otherwise "Anti-Violence Against Women and their Children Act of 2004";

* Attempt by the respondent against the life of a common child or a child of the petitioner;

* Having a child with another person other than one’s spouse during the marriage, except when upon the mutual agreement of the spouses, a child is born to them in vitro or through a similar procedure or when the wife bears a child after being a victim of rape;

* When any of the grounds for annulment of marriage under Article 45 of the Family Code of the Philippines, filed by the persons and within the periods provided in Article 47 of said Code are present;

* Except when circumstance is present under Article 56 of the Family Code of the Philippines when any of the grounds for legal separation under Article 55 of the said Code are present;

* When the spouses are separated in fact for at least two consecutive years at the time of the filing of the petition for divorce;

* When the spouses have been legally separated by judicial decree under Article 55 of the Family Code of the Philippines.

The bill also mandates a six-month mandatory cooling-off period after the filing of the petition and it will be observed before a competent court. During that period, the court shall exercise all efforts to reunite and reconcile the parties.

If the divorce petition is granted, the husband and wife will be able to enter into a marriage contract.

The children of the estranged parties will continue to be considered legitimate while the court determines custody, particularly of minors.

Aside from Padilla, the divorce bill is also among the priority bills of Senators Risa Hontiveros and Raffy Tulfo. (Irish Delima and Ryan Megabon, CNU interns/SunStar Philippines)

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