Celebrate local flavors: Malunggay, Kamote and Monggo brown sugar lattes

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When Cebuanos think about trendy drink shops, they often think of flavors and elements from their Asian neighbors like teas, black sesame, azuki red bean, taro, matcha and tapioca pearls. Sure, these are exciting and exotic Asian flavors that are not local in the Philippines. But wait. Aren’t we located in Asia, too? Don’t we have our share of rich flavors and varietals as well?

Cebuanos would be glad to know of this local milk tea shop that pays homage to our rich local flavors—think malunggay, kamote, kalabasa, monggo, and mani (moringa, sweet potato, pumpkin, mung bean and roasted peanut, respectively). The shop also has seasonal variants such as kulo (bread fruit), apali (wild yam), and manzanitas (kerson fruit).

The brand name itself is rooted in Cebuano—the name “Moo Tea Tea,” comes from the Cebuano word “mo-tete” or “to suck.”

Rhoie Yncierto, founder of Moo Tea Tea Tah, shares that the brand’s vision is to provide brown sugar milk latte drinks that are healthy and organic.

“When I first tasted a brown sugar milk latte drink, I was very impressed. Since I’m not a tea drinker, I appreciated that it was just made of fresh milk. After liking the taste so much, I felt that it would even be better if I add more character to the drink, so I ended up blending organic root crops from Cebu to add flavor to it,” Rhoie shared.

Cebu’s local crops and fruits have so much potential that, truth be told, it doesn’t need to import from other countries to experience the richness and variety of flavors. In fact, the flavors of Moo Tea Tea Tah were first experienced by people from abroad. No other brand like Moo Tea Tea features and centralizes on Philippine local flavors.

First conceptualized in Tainan, Taiwan in December 2019, Moo Tea Tea Tah has since reached New Zealand, Papua New Guinea and has recently opened its first outlet in Cebu, Philippines. It now has two stores in Cebu—one on Panganiban St., Cebu City and a kiosk along A. Lopez St., Labangon, Cebu City—and plans to expand further across the province and internationally as well. For deliveries, contact Moo Tea Tea Tah on social media.

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