Celebrities who recently came out

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While the process of “coming out” isn’t a requisite for members of the queer community (if straight people don’t have to come out, why should queer people have to, right?), it can be a cathartic and liberating process for many, especially those who’ve spent most of their lives suppressing and hiding who they are out of fear of being judged or ostracized.

For celebrities—public figures with strong presence and influence—coming out can make a huge impact not only on themselves but on their fans and followers as well.

Here are some of the celebrities who recently decided to share their truths with the rest of the world.

Elliot Page

In March 2021, he became the first openly trans man to appear on the cover of Time Magazine. After coming out as trans in December 2020, Page talked with the publication about the process of getting top surgery, “finally recognizing himself when he looks in the mirror” and feeling comfortable in his own body. The actor recently posted a photo of himself on Instagram, shirtless by the pool and with the caption, “Trans bb’s first swim trunks #transjoy #transisbeautiful”.

JoJo Siwa

The 18-year-old YouTube personality is no stranger to the spotlight, having been in showbiz since she was a kid on “Dance Moms.” But in January this year, she publicly came out as queer and shared how happy she was with her girlfriend, Kylie Prew. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, she shared that she always knew she wasn’t straight ever since she was little. She currently identifies as pansexual, but also uses “gay” and “queer.”

Dove Cameron

In an interview with Gay Times, the singer-actress most known for her lead role in Disney’s “Descendants” and recent casting in the live-action adaptation of “Powerpuff Girls” as Bubbles, came out as bisexual. She went on to say she was initially hesitant to come out early in her career because she was afraid she wouldn’t be accepted or people wouldn’t believe her. At this point, she is no longer compromising her sexuality and wants to express it through her upcoming music.

Demi Lovato

During her guesting on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast in March 2021, the 28-year-old singer came out as pansexual and sexually fluid. Last month, Lovato announced she is non-binary and will use they/them pronouns moving forward. “I feel that this best represents the fluidity I feel in my gender expression and allows me to feel most authentic and true to the person I both know I am and am still discovering,” they said in their podcast “4D.”

Joshua Bassett

The internet went crazy after the “High School Musical: The Musical: The Series” actor expressed admiration for Harry Styles in a video and proceeded to nonchalantly say, “I guess this is also my coming out video.” Not long after, Bassett went on Instagram to address the speculations, without explicitly labeling himself: “Love who you love shamelessly. It’s okay to still be figuring out who you are. Life’s too short to let ignorance and hatred win. I choose love.”

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