Centenarian says proper diet is key to longevity

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A 100-year-old musician received his P100,000 cash gift from the Mandaue City government on Oct. 27, 2020, at his residence in Cordeñera Subdivision, Zone 1 Bombel, Barangay Canduman.

Mayor Jonas Cortes handed the cash gift to Urbano Verdida Sr. in front of his family and the personnel of the City Social Welfare and Services (CSWS).

Verdida celebrated his centennial birthday on May 25.

According to his son Jun Verdida, his father’s secret to longevity is hard work and proper diet.

He said that during his younger days, Urbano was a carpenter, thus, he was the one who built their house and boarding houses.

Urbano also used to plant corn on their lot and sell his harvest to the employees at the housing project near their place.

Urbano hasn’t stopped working and making money with his sweat, Jun said.

“He is good and responsible,” Jun said.

Jun said his father always sees to it that he controls his food intake and includes vegetables in his diet.

Urbano said in an interview: “We eat vegetables because we’re poor. If we were rich, we’d eat more meat.”

Jun also shared that his father also has vices like smoking and drinking.

Jun said even at 90 years old, Urbano still drank while jamming with his children and grandchildren as their family is musically inclined.

Today, even though Urbano’s ears are impaired, his hard of hearing has not stopped him from loving music. He even plays his guitar and sings in front of visitors.

Urbano still has to receive cash assistance from the Cebu Provincial Government and the National Government. (KFD)