David Fizdale's firing put Chandler Parsons and Stephen Jackson at odds

Stephen Jackson may be retired, but he is always ready for a fight. (Photo by Christian Petersen/BIG3/Getty Images)

Stephen Jackson stood up for deposed Memphis Grizzlies head coach David Fizdale on Instagram in the most authentically Stephen Jackson way possible; by igniting an unnecessary feud. Even in retirement Jackson finds confrontation like a heat-seeking missile.

In the aftermath of Fizdale’s firing, Jackson joined the majority of NBA insiders who expressed confusion about Memphis’ decision. Inexplicably, Jackson decided to laser in on forward Chandler Parsons to prove his point. Just so there’s no ambiguity, Jackson included “Fire Chandler Parsons” in the caption of his post. Oddly enough, Marc Gasol and Mike Conley were conspicuously missing from his Instagram polemic.

Parsons already receives plenty of grief for the $94 million contract he inked last summer from Memphis fans and eagerly leapt to his own defense by appealing to Jackson’s sensibilities as a a member of the NBA fraternity.

Unfortunately, empathy is not Jackson’s strong suit and he wasn’t hearing any of it. Jackson slapped away Parsons’ olive branch and dove deeper into his criticism of the Grizzlies forward.

Jackson should have known this was coming. Parsons lives inside Instagram comment sections. Conversely, Parsons also have known better than to appeal to the emotional side of the man who once choked out Steve Francis and who added Kevin Durant to a growing list of NBA colleagues he openly despises.