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Check out our interview with singer KZ Tandingan, who tells us about whether she prefers singing or songwriting, what married life is like, and the artists that she looks up to. Oh, and check out her new single, Winning!

Video Transcript

KZ TANDINGAN: Winning is a song about taking back your power after a failed relationship. Just when people expect your life to spiral out of control after getting dumped, you work on becoming a better version of yourself, even better than who you were when you were still with your ex.

I'm not a firm believer of taking revenge. But if it were the case, this would be the best revenge.

An album and a couple of collaborations are in the works, and I'm so excited for you guys to hear what we have been working on.

I am most inspired by life. As a singer, I tell stories of different people through songs. And when I write them, they're always inspired by how my life has in has unfolded or how other people's lives keep on unfolding. My art is a reflection of life, the good, the bad, and everything in between.

I think I am better at singing, but I am working hard on becoming a better songwriter.

I actually look up to a lot of artists. But to name a few, Lauryn Hill, Ella Fitzgerald, Jessie J., Joe Jonas. And I remember Larry, Kyla, Jaya, Regine Velasquez, and the whole lot more.

Like I said in the Album and a couple of collaborations are in the works, and are hopefully coming out within the year. That includes songs I have written for artists I truly admire.

It has been amazing. I couldn't imagine living in the pandemic if I didn't marry my husband. He is one of the biggest reasons why I am always motivated to move forward.

We have definitely talked about it and have mutually decided that it won't be happening any time soon, because we still have a lot of things that we want to do and experience just the two of us.

Let the music that I do be a reminder for you to fight for your dreams, fight for who you are, where you want to be, fight for who you love, what you love, and most importantly fight for yourself.

To all the Yahoo viewers, I'd like to encourage you all to please stream my newest single winning by a Grammy nominated producer Flick, co-written by Grammy winner, [INAUDIBLE], now available on all digital music streaming platforms worldwide.

Thank you, so much.

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