‘Cheating’ vendors risk losing permits to sell

VENDORS at the Tabunok Public Market in Talisay City who are caught cheating their customers will no longer be allowed to sell.

Their permits will not be renewed if they are the subject of complaints and are found to be guilty, said market head Arnie Dela Torre.

Thirty weighing scales with inaccurate weight readings and three colored lights in fish stalls were confiscated at the market during a surprise inspection on Nov. 17, 2022.

Dela Torre said he listened to the owners give different reasons in their defense.

He assured the public that they will investigate vendors who are suspected of or accused of cheating their customers.

He said the public market has three “Timbangan nang Bayan (town scales)” that are properly calibrated, which customers can use if they think they’ve been cheated.

If their hunches turn out to be right, he urged them to immediately report the matter to his office for action. (BBT / PJB)