This chicken egg is ready-to-eat and lasts 3 months at room temperature

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A chicken egg that lasts more than a week, let alone three months? While it may sound too good to be true, the Department of Science and Technology has developed a shelf-stable, ready-to-eat chicken egg that lasts up to three months without refrigeration.

DOST’s Industrial Trade Development Institute made this development known to the public on their social media page.

Describing the ready-to-eat chicken egg as “an all-natural source of protein with no added preservatives,” the DOST-ITDI said that the product was suitable for calamities and emergency situations.

The ready-to-eat egg is safe to consume and does not require cooking. It comes in a retort pouch that allows for easy distribution.

The chicken egg is part of DOST-ITDI’s Ready-to-Eat food product line which includes boiled sweet potato, chicken arroz caldo, smoked fish rice meal, beef-filled suman, mungbean-coconut milk drink, and isotonic drink.

In earlier news reports, DOST secretary Fortunato de la Peña said that the RTE line was developed as a response to the challenges of providing food during emergency situations, including typhoons and a pandemic.

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