Chilean Paralympic athlete inspires new Barbie doll

This wheelchair-bound Barbie is inspired by a Paralympian

Francisca Mardones was the standard-bearer of the Chilean team

participating in the Tokyo 2020 Paralympics

(SOUNDBITE) (Spanish) CHILEAN SHOT PUTTER, FRANCISCA MARDONES, SAYING:"Mattel contacted me because they wanted to recognize my sports career and wanted to recognize me by making a Barbie doll in my likeness. It was very exciting because they recognize all the sacrifices that I have made in sports for years, and the sports results that I have obtained. I am also very excited because that motivates children to start in sports and dream of being great athletes; they will be our future champions. So it's a pleasure to inspire others with a doll shot putter."

The doll is part of the company’s ‘Sheroes’ range

created in 2015 to recognize exemplary female figures

Mardones said she hoped her Barbie would remind children

that disability should not stand in the way of their goals

SCREEN SHOT OF TWEET FROM MARDONES' ACCOUNT THAT READS: (Spanish) "I never imagined that one day I would tell you that I have become the first Chilean Barbie. Thank you very much @Barbie, for the emotional tribute. I am overflowing with emotion to see a paralympic Barbie shot putter."

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