China passes sweeping Hong Kong security law, heralding authoritarian era

Meg Shen and Yew Lun Tian
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    It's a very sad day to all Pro-Dem Hong Kongers.Leaders are strictly advised to flee Hong Kong immediately or face execution.Like any other parts of China,Hong Kong will be blanketed with a beautiful screen saver infront of a can full of worms.
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    The end of HK is near. Welcome to the red flag banner.
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    Controversial Hong Kong security law????.
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    michael p
    Hong Kong won't be the same again. Mickey and Donald could be sent to jail for just appearing in Disneyland.
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    We'll see how EU really is committed and strong as it has approached developing countries.
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    All I see here is a bunch of Pro-China propaganda trolls posting their spam. China needs to finish building that wall and stay inside, leave everyone else alone. All China knows how to do is steal, lie, cheat, and bully the few countries with smaller military forces.
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    China, Hong Kong, Etc. Congratulation!
    Its your " RIGHTS" to pass your National Security Law, just as like other countries have done to protect their owns!
    Congratulations Again! Cheers! Kan-Pei!
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    time to run run run rioters
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    To put matters to rest correctly , they should have conducted a referendum
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    Fight Chinese communist party's repressive regime. It has become a bully in south Asia and even in Africa.