Chinese driver who spat at cop arrested by immigration officers for being an ‘undesirable alien’

None of this would’ve happened if he just followed traffic rules.

Zhou Ziyi, the 50-year-old Chinese driver caught on camera spitting at a Manila traffic cop after leading police on a chase through town — all because he insisted on driving on the wrong day — was arrested for overstaying his visa and for being an undesirable alien, the Bureau of Immigration (BI) announced today.

In a statement posted on the BI’s Facebook page, Commissioner Jaime Morente said that Zhou is currently detained at the bureau’s facility in Bicutan, Taguig, after he was arrested by immigration agents from the Manila Police District headquarters on U.N. Avenue after posting bail in connection with the whole car-chase-spitting-meth-possession episode. (Oh, did we mention there was some meth involved as well? Well, there was.)

“I immediately dispatched a team of operatives from our Intelligence Division to effect his immediate arrest so he could also be charged for violating our immigration laws,” Morente said.

Zhou arrived in the Philippines on Nov. 11 and was only allowed to be in the country for 30 days, which means he was already overstaying his visa when he got involved in the traffic altercation on Feb. 6.

The suspect engaged Manila police in a car chase all over Binondo after he reportedly refused to stop when he was caught violating the city’s number coding scheme, under which certain vehicles can’t be used on certain days based on the last number of its plate. After he was finally caught, Zhou spat at one of the cops, and was punished by being slammed into the hood of his own car by one of the officers.

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