Chooks-to-Go president Ronald Mascariñas laments GAB’s suspension of Mindanao leg of VisMin Cup

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SPORTS patron and Chooks-to-Go president Ronald Mascariñas criticized the Games and Amusement Board’s (GAB's) decision to suspend the Mindanao leg of Chooks-to-Go Pilipinas VisMin Super Cup.

Mascariñas, whose company Chooks-to-Go is the title sponsor of the very first professional basketball league in the south, agreed with GAB’s decision to act with immediacy on the joke of a game that occurred between the Siquijor Mystics and Lapu-Lapu Heroes last Wednesday.

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“The Games and Amusement Board (GAB) is right in acting strongly, and swiftly, against the painfully laughable lack of professionalism on display in the basketball match between the Siquijor Mystics and Lapu Lapu Heroes last April 14, during the Visayas leg of the VisMin Super Cup,” said Siquijor Mystics and Lapu Lapu Heroes in the statement.

However, he opposed GAB’s call to suspend the Mindanao leg, which is supposed to start next month.

“However, its decision to suspend the entire Mindanao leg pending ‘further observation of the ongoing games in Visayas,’ as reported by the media, is not just simply going overboard; it is going berserk,” Mascariñas shared. “The Mindanao leg, composed of different sets of management teams and players, and different sets of games, has not even started yet. The only way to justify such draconian, better-safe-than-sorry preemptive action, is to suspect the entire Mindanao leg of serious copycat tendencies, or worst, possible agreement to commit the same April 14 infamy,” he continued.

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Mascariñas explained that this move would deny players, coaches, game officials and other basketball-related personnel the opportunity to make a good living.

“Players are being deprived of livelihoods and fans of boost to morales. In these difficult times, these may never be fully recovered, if at all,” Mascariñas said. Nevertheless, Mascariñas is hopeful that GAB would reconsider its decision. (JNP)