Chow Yun-fat's ex finds younger man

Chow Yun-fat's ex finds younger man

19 Mar – Chow Yun-fat's ex-wife, Hong Kong veteran actress Candice Yu On On has been recently revealed to now be romantically linked with a much younger man.

Rife in the Hong Kong tabloids and topping the headlines, the age-defying romance saw the 52-year-old actress stepping out publicly with her real estate agent boyfriend, known as Dee, who is reportedly 30-years-old.

As it had been revealed that the young agent has moved in with his senior girlfriend, reports also added that the couple had met a couple of years ago, but had only sparked romance recently.

A close pal of the "Beach Spike" actress had commented on Dee moving in with Candice: "Candice was against it at first, but Dee was constantly pursuing her. In the end, she gave in."

When pressed for comments, Candice said, "When you're in love, age is not an issue. The most important thing is that he truly loves me. I don't deny the possibility of marrying him."