Christmas 'just the same' for Pinoys this year

Kim Arveen Patria
Kim Arveen Patria
Yahoo! Southeast Asia Newsroom

The Philippine economy may have grown faster this year but most Pinoys feel that their Christmas will be the same as 2013's, a new Pulse Asia survey showed.

The coming holiday season will not be "more prosperous" but will also not be "poorer" for 56 percent of respondents in the November survey of 1,200 Pinoys nationwide.

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This, as the government recently announced that the country's economy grew by 7.1 percent in third quarter, outpacing its Southeast Asian neighbors.

Pinoys seem to be showing no tendency to be more lavish in celebrating the holiday season.

Even the higher-income classes do not seem to think themselves "more prosperous" as Christmas approaches, with 51 percent of class ABC respondents saying their holidays will be the same as last year's.

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Majority of respondents belonging in class D (56 percent) and E (58 percent) also expressed the same sentiment.

Meanwhile, Christmas will be more prosperous than last year according to 34 percent of respondents in the survey.

Filipinos who said their Christmas will be poorer this year, on the other hand, comprised 10 percent of the respondents in the survey.

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More than nine of ten (92 percent) Filipinos, however, expressed hope about the turn of the year.

Of the Pinoys surveyed, 3 percent said they will face 2013 with apprehension.

The new year comes will be welcomed by 4 percent of respondents with neither hope nor apprehension.