Here’s a circumcision heat map of the world, in case it ever comes up in conversation

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Have you ever wondered how the Philippines ranks against other countries when it comes to male circumcision? No? Well, don’t worry, the internet has you covered anyway.

India in Pixels, a Twitter account India in Pixels (@indiainpixels), which is devoted to “turning publicly available complex data and concepts about India into simple easy to understand images,” took a more global view when it came to male circumcision. Using data from a 2016 study on the prevalence of male circumcision around the world, India in Pixels posted a map of the world color-coded according to percentage of males who were circumcised.

And the Philippines—unsurprisingly—rates highly, with 92%. Compare that to countries like Brazil, where only 1.3% of men have their birds’ wings clipped; or Greenland, where only 0.1% don’t wear turtlenecks.

Our score isn’t the highest, however. Saudi Arabia, for one, is at 97.1%, while Iranians are at 99.7%. And in case you needed to contribute to a conversation about Afghanistan, know that they’re at 99.8%.

In many countries, circumcision is widely prevalent because it is connected to religious and cultural rites of passage. In other countries, it is now considered unnecessary. Circumcision is most prevalent in Judaism, Islam, and some some Orthodox Christian denominations. In the Philippines, tuli has significant cultural connotations—so much so that free state-sponsored mass circumcision events are regularly held all over the country during summer.

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Date visualization by India in Pixels (Twitter:
Date visualization by India in Pixels (Twitter:

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