City Hall gives workers 7 months to reduce belly size

“THE size of your stomach reflects your discipline.”

Thus did Cebu City Mayor Michael Rama urge heavy City Hall employees to slim down to improve their health and better serve the public.

In remarks after the flag raising ceremony Monday, Nov. 14, 2022, Rama said those who are heavy will not be effective in public service.

Rama gave the employees seven months until Independence Day on June 12, 2023 to slim down, likening this to the challenge undertaken by participants in the popular TV show “The Biggest Loser.”

A lighter weight would enable the employees to accompany him on his various walk-through inspections, he said.

The waistlines and weight of the employees would be measured ahead of the start of the “belly measurement contest” this December. And the employees would also have to sign an agreement that they would have to be healthier by June 12.

He did not specify what waistline size would be considered big and make one eligible for the contest.

He dangled as incentive to employees who become “sexy” at the end of the contest... their participation in the Independence Day Ball. (CTL)