City Hall worker recognized for setting record in cycling competition

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THE Cebu City Council recognized a City Hall employee for setting a record in a cycling competition held in Puerto Princesa, Palawan last July 9, 2022.

In a resolution that was unanimously approved by the council during its regular session on Wednesday, July 21, 2022, lawyer June Maratas was given recognition and commendation for his feat in the competition.

Maratas is currently the assistant department head and was formerly the department head of the city's Department of General Services.

He successfully established a record in the Audax Palawan brevet, a timed, long-distance road cycling event.

Maratas set a record of seven hours and 59 minutes in the 200-kilometer (km) brevet when the cut-off time was 13 hours and 30 minutes. He was also able to finish the 300km, 400km, and 600km brevets.

"Such sports brought great esteem and prestige to Cebuano cyclists and biking enthusiasts and to the City Government of Cebu for the accomplishment of its official," read a portion of the resolution.

Bike racks

Meanwhile, the Cebu City Government expressed strong support to biking as a mode of transportation by installing bike racks in public places like parks and schools.

In a report from the City's Public Information Office on July 19, Sugbo Bike Lanes Board (SBLB) executive director Bernard Maraasin said that putting up bike racks will encourage the public to use bikes amid the high fuel prices.

The bike racks will also ensure that the bicycles will be safe, as long as it is chained, while the owner is away, said Maraasin.

Maraasin also urged private establishments to install bike racks for their employees.

Private vehicle owners were also asked by Maraasin not to park their cars in areas that will obstruct the bike racks.

Maraasin also requested the Cebu City Transportation Office to deputize the SBLB’s bike patrollers so that they can issue citation tickets to violators. (IRT)

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