CJ McCollum details a great moment in smack-talk history

Trail Blazers guard CJ McCollum revealed one of his most recent trash-talking experiences. (AP)

Last week, Evan Fournier and CJ McCollum got into a little on-court tiff that began with some inaudible pleasantries being exchanged between the two and ended with Fournier blowing smooches in Fournier’s direction.

On a guest appearance on The Flagrant Two podcast, McCollum detailed one of the more biting quips he levied at Fournier (at the 35:55 mark) during their exchange.

Via SB Nation:

“I just felt like he disrespected me by putting his hands on me,” McCollum said. “Obviously, I’m not trying to get any fines or anything of that nature and I told him he was sweet. He’s French, and I said that, ‘you’re sweet and soft like those crepes you eat.’ “

Fournier, a native of France, probably didn’t take too kindly to those words or those mocking kisses. Crepes are a national delicacy, and so what if Europeans are comfortable greeting one another with a quick peck on the cheek? Fournier has probably not forgotten those insults of French culture. If he did, well he’s now been reminded.

Both players were issued offsetting technicals at the time, but the Blazers escaped with the win. Fournier will have his chance at revenge on Dec. 15.